Computing facility and Internet

The components of IT infrastructure are made up of interdependent elements, and the two core groups of components are hardware and software. Hardware uses software—like an operating system—to work. And likewise, an operating system manages system resources and hardware. Operating systems also make connections between software applications and physical resources using networking components. Hardware components include Desktop computers, Servers, Data centers, Hubs, Routers, Switches, Facilities. 

A computer center as centralized facility for all students of 150 computers, UPS backup support, CCTV surveillance with full networking approx cost 1.99 Cr is setup from DPDC grant.

Software components can include Operating systems, Web servers. Networks are comprised of switches, routers, hubs and servers. All computers are well maintained and LAN connected through a dedicated leased line. Wi-Fi facility is also available at college as well as hostel premises for all. Wi-Fi facility is provided to all departments by installing sufficient number of access points. All computers are connected to a Lease line internet connection having speed (250 MBPS) from Powergrid and in addition to 10 MBPS leased line from BSNL for standby. Switches connect network devices on local area networks (LAN) like routers, servers and other switches. Routers allow devices on different LANs to communicate and move packets between networks. Hubs connect multiple networking devices to act as a single component. Server core hardware component needed for IT infrastructure is a server. These  are essentially computers that allow multiple users to access and share resources. A central server room is maintained to look after connectivity of all computers and cyber security related issues.

Licensed firewall in all the systems help to secure computers from any malware and restrict access to unwanted sites to students.

Sufficient number of Surveillance cameras throughout the campus help to maintain a safe and secure atmosphere in campus.