Hostel information

1)     CAPACITY : Boys 184 and Girls 94

As these include 4 years , so per year capacity is Boys 46 and girls 24.

As there are 5 branches, so per branch per year capacity is Boys 9 and girls 5.


2)     FEEs : Rs 3700 (=1500 welfare+ 150 medical+ 50 form fee+ 500 govt rent+ 1500 maintenance ) per year (Mess charges extra , as per market rate)


3)     RULES: Students with both COVID vaccines complete, are eligible for hostel admission. The hostel admissions are as per merit and reservation norms of Maharashtra Government. Hostel mess is compulsory. Hostel mess charges should be deposited in advance for one semester. Every inmate should follow the timings and other rules of the hostel. Every inmate should stay away  from any of ragging  activities. Hostel Fees is nonrefundable in case of cancellation/termination of hostel admission. Illegal activities are strictly prohibited inside hostel and will be prosecuted as per the Indian Pinal Code. 



4)     CONTACT:


Hostel Rector :            Dr. C. P. Kalambe, Mob - 9423124435

Boys Hostel Warden : Mr A A Gawai , Mob - 9881771900

Girls Hostel warden :  Mrs.K. N. Kadam, Mob - 9326235484

Hostel Clerk :              Shri Rajkumar Gote, Mob - 7767979900