Head of Department (Civil Engineering)

Prof. S. S. Pusadkar

Head of Department (Computer Science &  Engineering)

Dr. L. G. Malik

Head of Department (Electrical Engineering)

Prof. N. D. Ghawghawe

Head of Department (Mechanical Engineering)

Dr. S. B. Ingole

Head of Department (Electronics & Telecommunication)

Dr. D. S. Choudhari

Head of Department (Science & Humanities)

Dr. C. M. Khairnar

First year Coordinator

Dr. J. B. Randhawa

Workshop Superintendent

Dr. R. B. Yarasu

Faculty Library in-charge & Information officer

V. P. Titarmare

DTE Nodal Officer, Institute Security & Services & Court Cases of faculty / staff / Students, Transport facility

Prof. P. B. Daigavane

Public Relation Officer & Asst Information Officer

Mr. P. M. Mankar